Digital Marketing

We want you to be found. We want to make sure the right people can find your website at the right time. We know how to make this happen.

Digital marketing is made up of many different platforms and unfortunately a single pronged approach in today’s digital era wont get you far. From Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) techniques, to Audience Extension networking, audience profiling, remarketing, Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and everything inbetween, if your after an integrated digital strategy and solid online presence, you’ve come to the right place.

Our team know how to make sure your website is found. They understand that when it comes to be being found and talked about online – content is king. Concept Marketing will create unique and engaging content across your website and social media platforms to boost engagement from your desired market segment.

Our search strategies and content are created within Google’s guidelines. There is no illegible ‘keyword stuffing’ or ‘spammy link building’ here.

Concept Marketing will deliver a comprehensive digital campaign perfectly aligned with your business goals and brand strategy. Get in touch with our team today.

Our Digital Marketing Services

In a perfect world, business owners would discover a hot market and then build a business to serve that market. The reality is that most businesses are started because the owner of that business knows how to do something. Occasionally, through trial and error, that business discovers it does indeed serve a hot market. Far too often, businesses simply get by without any real focus on a market.

At Concept Marketing, we conduct several workshops delving into your brand, who you are, what language you speak, why you do what you do in order to unveil who your true target market and ideal client is.

Marketing used to be an art. In the era of Mad Men, the most effective ideas came from drinking scotch at a bar and talking about inspiration. Today, marketing is more like a science. We want to know that if we are spending $1 we are getting $3 in return. We want to know what our customers react to, what mediums they consume and how we can best target our service offering to satisfy not only their want, but more importantly, their need.

At Concept Marketing, we believe your marketing should begin with the end in mind. Gone are the days where guesstimating is enough to justify a spend. Our philosophy is you can’t manage what you don’t measure. And if you can’t track your marketing efforts, how do you know what’s effective and what’s not?

Digital Advertising is more than just Pay Per Click ads. A couple of years ago, paid ads were considered the end-all digital marketing solution. Today, however, PPC has less of an impact– in the sense that it takes more than an ad in google to convince a prospective buyer to buy and it takes more than one approach to educate a buyer on the product or service you provide.

Think audience profiling and serving your ads to your target audience. Think remarketing ads to people that have hit your site but not converted or found what they were looking for. Think a laser targeted advertising approach costing you less and seeing you win more business.

The digital advertising space is a growing space with a refined means of communicating your core message to your target audience.

Don’t get left behind – your audience isn’t trending towards online it’s already there. So where are you


An effective email campaign can reach a vast number of clients, all with the push of a button. It’s cost effective, easy to do and instantaneous. So, why do so many companies fail at their Email and SMS Marketing Strategies?

Consumers are getting smarter. Email filters are getting stronger. People are becoming more selective about the content they choose to read, what makes it through their filter and more importantly what brands they let in.

Whether you need assistance managing your lists, creating worthwhile content or sending out messages that will get read, Concept Marketing can devise an email strategy that will get the results you need. We will work with you to create an email campaign designed to maximise your ROI and reach your target audience with ease.

Imagine being a fly on the wall in the same room as your target audience. They’re discussing your products, services and brand messaging and… oh, wait. It looks like you’re not a fly after all.

They just asked you to join in on the conversation.

Social media is a remarkable opportunity to reach your audience on a personal level. However, such a conversation should not be entered into lightly. The conversations that take place on your social media sites should be a personable exchange with your target market… with a strategic approach.

After all, there are certain rules to social media. For example, studies show that your audience will quickly drop off if your primary focus is on selling, rather than communicating. Do you know how to have a personable conversation that still conveys your brand message? Okay, good. What about in 120 characters or less?

The benefits of communicating directly with your audience are immense. Let us show you to start that conversation… and keep it going.